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Magic combo for menopause tension and anxiety

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Dr Vegan

Over my ten years of peri-menopause, menopause and now post-menopause, I’ve taken all sorts of natural supplements and vitamins to curb symptoms. I was pre-Davina McCall’s menopause revolution, so HRT was not even considered when I started peri-menopause! Of course, some supplements I tried worked; others needed tweaking, and some didn’t seem to work at all. You could definitely describe my menopause supplementation journey as a trial-and-error pastime. I would also say that what works for one woman may not necessarily work for another, but such is the enormous impact that menopause symptoms have; I would always advocate trying something to see if it alleviates one or two major symptoms. If nothing else, menopause has taught me that it’s worth trying anything to stem the impact, whether it’s a group of symptoms or one dreadfully awful one.

As a side note, I would also just add that menopause is ever-evolving, so a particular supplement that may have worked during the early years of peri-menopause may outrun its usefulness if symptoms change or the severity of existing symptoms worsens, so it’s beneficial to continue ongoing research and alter your supplements as symptoms progress or change. However, despite all the supplements I’ve tried and sampled, regardless of whether they worked for me at the time, nothing quite compares to a combination of two Dr Vegan products that I’m currently taking, discovered perhaps ten to twelve months ago when I developed the most debilitating tension.

A year before I discovered Dr Vegan as a possible solution for menopause tension and anxiety, I began experiencing the rather annoying tension in my jaw that I intrinsically linked to anxiety. It impacted my daily life and sleep to the point that I noticed my teeth were slightly chattering even while watching television. It was as though I couldn’t relax, persistently tense. At night, lying in bed, my jaw would be constantly clenched, teeth clutching together for dear life. I’d deliberately make a point of trying to relax my mouth and jaw only to find it reverting back to clenched within a few minutes. Additionally, I’d lie there, thinking how I’d forgotten how the tongue usually sits in your mouth when relaxed; does it sit to the roof of the mouth, or should it relax behind the bottom teeth? As you can imagine, getting to sleep was a complete nightmare. I also began to have a jaw ache and consequently worried that I was wearing my teeth enamel. I tried lavender, chamomile and increasing the Ashwagandha I was already taking, but nothing seemed to curb the aching tension in my mouth and the nervous teeth chattering that affected me at all hours.

My discovery of Dr Vegan MenoFriend and Stay Calm happened in my post-menopause period, so I can’t say how effective my combo wonder supplements would be for women pre-post menopause or indeed for their effectiveness for other symptoms. My personal experience is that it’s worked wonders for the menopause tension and anxiety plaguing me for the last few years. From about the third or fourth week, I noticed a difference. My jaw relaxed, the teeth chattering stopped, I could finally fall asleep fairly quickly, and I began to feel normal again. In terms of its effectiveness on other menopause symptoms, I haven’t seen any major hot flushes recently or mood swings either, which may or may not be attributable to the Dr Vegan supplements. Of course, it may also just be the natural progression of post-menopause!

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Dr Vegan MenoFriend

Dr Vegan Stay Calm

Now, I’d like to enlighten you all that I prefer to fit within a budget, so when I made the decision to give the two Dr Vegan supplements a go, I decided to start with one capsule from each packet despite the recommended dose being two capsules for each supplement. My theory was that if It didn’t work, I could always increase--the frugal part of my personality imagined success on one capsule meant them lasting longer and being more economical for my pocket! And, I didn’t need to worry; taking the one capsule from each MenoFriend and Stay Calm put my tension to bed! And the bonus was that it seemed to help me sleep better too. I’ve had years of insomnia of being unable to sleep, lying awake for three or four hours before my body remembered how to do it—some nights, not even sleeping at all. Since this combo of Dr Vegan Stay Calm and MenoFriend started to work, I have fallen asleep much quicker than ever before. Of course, the odd night of insomnia happens if something is on my mind, but nothing like it was before Dr Vegan came into my life.

Of course, it may be that I only need to take the Stay Calm or vice versa, and a particular ingredient or ingredients are doing the job, but I haven’t dared yet try one supplement without the other as the tension was so bad, I don’t want to go back there. Maybe one day, when I think my body’s ready for it, I’ll give it a go! And the bonus is the Dr Vegan supplements only use naturally sourced, plant-based ingredients with no nasty additives, fillers or animal products, so vegan friendly too!

Finally, you might be thinking, at this point, that this article must be a paid advertisement with all the smoke that I’m blowing Dr Vegan’s way, but it isn’t. The content written here glowingly advocating these two supplements is all about me and my experience because out of all the supplements I’ve tried over the years, I believe these two had the most significant impact on a symptom. And I think you’ll all agree that if you find something that puts to bed a major menopause symptom, you want to sing it from the rooftops just in case it can help someone else!

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