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So, are there any positives to menopause

Updated: May 14, 2023

menopause positives

As women, we're all so very familiar with the downsides to menopause, such as the hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and brain fog, but are there any positives to this milestone mark. Of course, we're all aware it marks the end of a woman's reproductive life, which can be a bittersweet moment depending on where we are in life and whether we feel our family is complete. But are there any positives to menopause other than this and any potential benefits we can look forward to? After doing a little research and with my own experiences, I managed to shed some light on a few advantages of menopause:

An easy one to start with but perhaps one of the most significant. With many women being the recipient of the monthly visitor for a good 25-30 years, it's a huge relief when the menstrual periods finally stop, especially for those women who experience discomfort or pain during menstruation. Plus, there's no more worrying about being caught out or the expenses of buying tampons or sanitary pads. So for most of us, we're all happy to retire terms like "Aunt Flo" or "lady time" and finally say goodbye to that part of our lives.

One of the perks of menopause is that women no longer have to manage menstrual cycles or worry about pregnancy. This newfound freedom allows us more time to pursue other interests and activities that we may have put on hold. And let's not forget that menopause happens at a time when for many of us, our children are older, so they don't need the same supervision, and we can finally start putting ourselves first once in a while! There's a whole world of possibilities opening up for us to embrace!

Menopause can be transformative with its self-reflection and self-discovery. Many report feeling more in tune with their bodies and emotions, which can lead to a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance. And let's be honest; we tend to become wiser and more comfortable in our own skin the older we get. Looking back at my naïve twenty-something self, I realise how much I worried about what others thought and how afraid I was to speak up. But now, with confidence in who I am, I'm far more able to deal with those who might try to take advantage of me—even if it is just the mobile phone company! Menopause has given me a newfound sense of empowerment and self-assurance that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Did you know that some women experience a surge in their sex drive after menopause? It may sound like a myth to some of us and indeed I'm still waiting for this magical moment myself but it does happen! And the best part is that you don't have to worry about the risk of getting pregnant which alone takes away so much anxiety and allows you to truly enjoy the moment without fearing accidents. So if you haven't yet become a sexual goddess and hit your peak, don't worry; just give it time!

There's also some good news about the big 'C'. After menopause, the risk of certain cancers, such as breast and ovarian cancer, decreases because these types of cancer are typically fueled by hormones, such as estrogen. These hormones are produced at higher levels during a woman's reproductive years, but after menopause, the ovaries stop producing estrogen, decreasing hormone levels and making it more difficult for cancer cells to grow and multiply at these sites.

Now, let's talk about the hairy situation that comes with ageing! As we age and our estrogen levels decline, we may notice a decrease in hair growth in certain areas, which can be both good and bad. Unfortunately, thinning eyebrows and eyelashes will be a downside, but on the bright side, you may spend less time and money keeping your legs hair-free and silky smooth. You may even get an au natural Brazilian down below, albeit it may be a little patchy! So whilst I'm ecstatic about not having to shave my legs so often, the thinning eyebrows were a no-no, and thankfully times have moved on. There are now some fabulous solutions for thinning hair, such as shampoos and eyebrow serums, tinting kits, and even salon permanent tattoo makeup. However, it is still worth noting that not every woman experiences the same changes during and after menopause. So whilst some may see a decrease in hair growth, others may not notice a difference or even see an increase in hair growth. So don't be surprised if your experience differs from your friends.

Naturally, I would have liked my list of pros to be a little longer than this, but are we surprised as this natural transition can be a challenging ride? However, women are amazing, and we're proud of our gender. Despite the terrible effects that each and every menopausal symptom has on us, we challenge them head-on, empowering ourselves with the knowledge to strengthen us so we're able to deal with it and get through it with each other for support. And, let's be honest, are we surprised that women have to deal with menopause rather than men?


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